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Hello .. My Name is Derek Ross and I am a “Classifieds Junkie” …

Derek Ross

It all started in High School .. my school did not have Auto Shop.

Imagine the disappointment after waiting all those years to “finally” get into High School and finding NO auto shop !!

I would get my “fix” by going to the local corner store and getting my copy of the Buy and Sell Classified Newspaper …

Never missing a single page, I always went straight to the Automotive and High Performance Parts for sale listings.

Those listings might possibly have contained something to do with racing. I just couldn’t get enough of it.

It was all part of the fun of reading classifieds. Yes money can be made buying and selling things with classified advertising.

I know this firsthand, as I did this many times and even earned a good portion of the funds needed to attend Northwood University in Midland Michigan, where I studied Automotive Marketing. This was thanks in a big part to the funds earned from successfully buying and selling through Classified Advertising.


Yes the love of classifieds started back when I was a just a boy, and it continues to this day.

No matter where I travel, in each city, no matter how large or small, I pick up the classifieds.

I love them all, the free ones, the paid ones, Big Rigs, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Boating, the Classifieds in the local papers, it just doesn’t matter, I just want to read classifieds.


But as for my experiences with Online Automobile Racing and High Performance Cars and Parts Classifieds ? Don’t “EVEN Get Me Started” …

Well let’s just say .. that my experiences .. were never what I had expected.

You know the saying .. if you want something done right .. you have to do it yourself ? – Well I took that saying to heart …

Here’s hoping that Victor Kiam would have been proud ..

I can’t begin to tell you the excitement I have combining two of my biggest passions in life – Motorsports and Classifieds – into the site you see here today as RaceClass.com

It seems my whole life has been Automotive and Motorsports related.

I’m all about racing, all kinds of racing. If it has an engine and you drive it, then we will love it .

It has never ceased to amaze me that I can travel to any race track, anywhere in the world and immediately have new friends. New friends that is, who share the Automobile Racing passion.

It is the same for me at all levels of Motorsport. It makes no difference if it is local grassroots racing, a Saturday night bull-ring, dragstrip, autocross event, or whether it is a professional level event like IndyCar Racing, Endurance Racing, NASCAR, NHRA or Off Road Racing, I love all types of Motorsports.


Fortunately my background provides a unique perspective, given my multiple areas of Motorsports involvement.

I’ve known the thrill of exploded gearboxes in Cup Cars. I’ve been upside down. I’ve hit the Wall of Champion’s at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. I’ve given hot laps on SuperSpeedways and even been clocked driving backwards on track at 85 MPH. I’ve been sidelined, sideswiped and have also been to Victory Lane.

Everything from Driver, to Team Owner, to Competition Coach, New Product Development, Corporate Relations, Fan Engagement, Motorsport Marketing Consulting, Public Relations, Color commentary and Media content.

I am used to running “On the Limiter” all the time.

Current involvement includes a number of Motorsports areas, Motorsport Internet Properties and Projects.

Please check out our projects at RaceDrive Interactive Inc.

We will at RaceDrive Interactive Inc. continue to be involved in the many facets of the fast paced Motorsports Industry.

We like to say “Winning” Interactive Solutions for the Motorsport Industry™ On-Track and Online


So “Thank You” for checking us out and your support of Motorsports !