Has the time come to step on the gas

Has The Time Come To Step On The Gas ?

Has the time come to step on the gas ?

The tagline – that the National Hot Rod Association – NHRA uses
– GO ON YELLOW – makes more sense than ever now …

We need hope …

Our sport .. our people – our families of Motorsport need to move forward .. and to have some hope …

We – individually and our business entities – here at RaceDrive Interactive Inc. – have always been very concerned about the Motorsport Ecosystem – in “usual times” – let alone with what we are going through now ..
[ be it Road Racing – Drag Racing – Open Wheel – Grass Roots – or any kind of Motorsport .. ]

Bill Bader of Summit Motorsports Park has just recently outlined an intent to reopen in 2020.

You can read about Bill Bader and his plan to resume Drag Racing here in CompetitionPlus.com Online Magazine 
As he states – he is not asking for permission – but rather he will open. He is in survival mode …

I am sure he will have many naysayers .. but if he and others like us who make a living in Motorsport-  both believed everything “others” had to say – we would never have “bet the farm” on Motorsports to begin with .

We can’t get left sitting at the light .. reaction time is all important ..

We will get left behind – if as an Industry – as a Nation – as independent businesses … if we don’t hit the gas …..

Think – Holeshot – it may not be the best – the fastest – but in competition and in business ..

in the end … the goal is to cross the finish line first …


We could just keep believing ..

to wait for the “all clear” …

… to head down the track and make a fast pass ..

..  others might wait – to do just that –  make a “perfect pass ” – but it won’t be of much value by then ..

.. as others will have crossed the finish line first ..

The Race .. already over ..

The Sports Car Club of America – SCCA –  initiated a hashtag on Twitter – #SupportMotorsport – unfortunately if you look it up .. It has not received much traction ..

Our hope – as we always have believed that there is enough room in Motorsport – for all our ships to rise on that incoming tide ..

I say .. we want it to be .. and we want to be a part of creating this with others

– a situation where that wave from the tide is big enough .. that we can all surf on it !!!

Here is to hitting the gas … and hitting it hard ..

Derek Ross – President
RaceDrive Interactive Inc.

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